Affordable Floor Finishing Solutions for the Home

Affordable Floor Finishing Solutions for the Home

Whether you are adding an extension or renovating a room, your choice of flooring is important, and there are many things to take into account. The ideal solution is one that offers value for money, while giving you both style and durability, and a popular choice is concrete with a layer of screed on top. There are online suppliers who can advise you on any aspect of your flooring, and modern screed contains a retardant that allows you to work on the floor for a few hours, which is ideal.

Concrete Flooring

More and more homeowners are turning to concrete as a flooring material, as it offers unlimited design and colour options, and with reliable deliveries, once the base is ready, the ready mixed concrete can easily be pumped into the area, ready for the finishing touches. Concrete is both affordable and very durable, and one can use a range of trowels and combs to create a unique design that will enhance the look of any room. If you live in the Midlands, Handy Concrete are the people to talk to, as they are an established concrete supplier who can also advise you on any aspect of flooring.

Underfloor Heating

If you live in the UK, you will already be familiar with cold flooring, and modern technology allows for either a wet or dry underfloor heating system to be added, which brings the floor up to a comfortable temperature. The wet system involves laying a series of pipes, through which hot water is pumped, giving you central heating in your floor, while the dry method uses an electrical matting, and this heats up the flooring. Of course, there is an additional cost, but the benefits of having warm flooring underfoot makes it a wise investment, as it really does offer a new dimension of comfort, which is most welcome in the colder months. For most people, the ground floor is sufficient with underfloor heating, although one can use this technology for all the floors in the home, if preferred.

Screeding Solutions

Modern screed contains a fibre called polypropylene, which gives the mix added strength and also improves impact resistance, which makes the surface far more durable. Fibre screed also give you a higher level of fire resistance, which is always a good idea, and with a retardant added to the mix, you can spend a few hours working on the floor before is finally sets. Screed comes in many forms, and it is nice to find a supplier who is prepared to offer their expert advice for free, and once you have chosen the right mix, your delivery will be there when you need it.

The days of dull grey concrete finishes are long gone, and with an extensive colour chart and numerous finishing options, concrete flooring ticks all the boxes. Whatever your tastes, there will be something that complements your home perfectly, and with ready mix deliveries, your flooring will be delivered and poured, leaving you with very little to do.

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