The Guide to Using Modern Furniture to Create an Relaxed, Inviting Ambiance

The Guide to Using Modern Furniture to Create an Relaxed, Inviting Ambiance

Modern decor is recognizable by simplistic designs, clean lines and geometric shapes. Now, just because contemporary decor is simple, doesn’t mean it’s boring. In fact, modern design gives your living space an inviting, warm feel. Learn how you can coordinate the appearance of multiple modern-style furniture pieces together in your living room for an orderly, stylish appearance.


One of the first concepts to keep in mind while you’re shopping for modern living room furniture in Baton Rouge LA is simplicity. Now, this doesn’t mean you put a single chair in the room, so you can admire the beauty of the walls in your living room, however, you should aim to avoid clutter. There have been studies that show that cluttered spaces cause stress. This means that by going with a simple furniture layout, you’re creating a space that reduces stress and promotes tranquility.

Open spaces are also important for modern decor. Consider decorating with small furniture pieces to give the room an open-ended atmosphere. The color of your furniture also plays a part in the feel of the room, but this will be discussed in a later section.


Comfort is the name of the game, so you want to focus heavily on making sure everything is easy-to-use and functional. Before buying furniture, take some time to think about how each piece works together to create an environment that ensures everything is easy to access. The living room is where you go to relax, and you want to make it as easy as possible to so. For example, while you’re shopping for lamps, consider looking at items that let you turn the lights on and off by using a remote control instead of a pull switch. Place small tables at each side of the sofa, allowing you and others to grab a refreshing beverage or tasty snack without having to take your eyes off of the TV.

Personalizing the Appearance of the Room

This is the fun part of buying modern furniture for your living room. You get to choose the colors and designs of the furniture pieces to create a unique look that expresses your personality. While the choice is completely yours, here are some tips to create a sleek look.

Straight lines are a staple of modern decor. From chairs and sofas with square and rectangular shapes to accent tables with sharp 90-degree angles, straight lines give the area a clean look. Although, simply making sure every piece of furniture has straight lines leads toward an uninspired look. Combine rugs and furniture with geometric designs, such as circles, cylinders and orbs, with your other furniture to create a captivating look.

The next thing to focus on is colors. As a quick rule of thumb, selecting cool tones gives the room a tranquil, relaxing look, while choosing warm tones gives the room an exciting, lively appearance. It’s important to not use too much of either style, so you can throw in some neutral tones to balance everything out. Neutral tones are colors, such as cream, gray, brown or beige.

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