The 3 things that pool service companies do not want you to know

The 3 things that pool service companies do not want you to know

You may have realized that there are many different sorts of pool service companies that promise to give you the same range of services. You get to choose from your local startup companies and ones that earn millions of dollars serving other pool owners like yourself but before jump to a decision on which company you should go for, make sure you know these 3 things that all pool service companies will not share, ever.

  1. You only think your schedule with your pool cleaner is fixed

This is a simple fact that many pool owners find shocking. The fact is, if your preferred pool service company assigns too many pools to your cleaner, then chances are yours will be skipped to make up for lost time. This is especially common for swimming pool companies who are growing and are taking on more accounts than they have the required manpower for.

If you think your cleaner has skipped out on cleaning your pool one too many times, then you may have been skipped over for another account so don’t wait too long to give your pool service company a call to find out what’s going on. 

  1. It is an industry with very high turnover rate

The pool service business revolves around relying on the demand from pool owners like you to bring revenue into the company. Most pool service companies can’t afford to offer high salary to their workers and there really isn’t any kind of formal training provided which means you might see a new face cleaning your pool every so often. This should worry you because it means your pool is being taken care of by unqualified cleaners. 

  1. Don’t be duped by the cost of cleaning chemicals

It isn’t uncommon for pool service companies to squeeze more money from their customers by charging for the cleaning chemicals that will be used to clean the pool. However, this doesn’t mean that the act should be tolerated and you should always be mindful of your rights as a customer. Always ensure that you are paying for a flat rate regardless of the amount of chemicals that is used to keep your pool clean. 

It is reasonable for these pool service companies to charge a little bit higher during certain seasons or when the prices of gas has risen but this should always be made clear to you before the charges are made, not after. 

Owning a pool and hiring people to keep it clean will always be a challenge but with the right knowhow, it doesn’t have to be expensive just visit home improvement stores.

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