Ten ways to give your guest bedroom a revamp

Ten ways to give your guest bedroom a revamp

A well-designed guest bedroom will make your family and friends feel welcomed and at ease even when they are so far away from home. To be the perfect host, you want nothing more than showing off a luxurious and beautiful guest bedroom that provides guests with home comforts – plenty of storage, cosy bedding and a night light for those who like to read, all of which will make for a wonderful experience for your loved ones. 

An inviting bed

First impressions matter and the first thing a guest will notice is the bed. There is nothing like the feeling of sleeping in your own bed but an inviting and cosy space is the next best thing. The key to making your guest bedroom feel this way is by adding a mixture of different pillows, colours, textures and a rug. Do not be afraid to add colour to your bed linen as well. 

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Statement wall

Statement walls have become the new favourite decor idea for most homes, so why not interpret one into your guest bedroom? You can pull colours from your statement wall for another item such as curtains, bedding and ornaments for the room. Painting two adjoining walls is a simple way to make a statement wall and won’t overpower the room itself. 

Mirrors have a big impact

Mirrors open up space and make a room feel larger. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a huge wall-dominating mirror that overwhelms the whole room, just a small mirror on the wall will have the same effect without stealing all of the attention. 

Personal touches

Spending time away from home we naturally seek our home comforts. This is why adding personal touches to your guest bedrooms is very important. Clean towels, fresh flowers, tea, coffee and biscuits are all the finer details that can make a whole world of difference. 


Be sure to add a clock to the room. It allows guests to keep track of time and to ensure they don’t miss any planned activities or events, as well as allowing them to check on the time if they wake in the night. A clock can also be a striking design accessory to a room.

Good lighting

Don’t forget to add a bedside lamp to your guest bedroom as well as your main ceiling light. It’s a brilliant way to create atmosphere, while offering something useful as well as practical.  

Extra hangers

It’s important that your guests are able to hang up their items of clothing. For some things hooks are fine but for others, you should make sure you have cleaned out space in the wardrobe and provided extra hangers for their trip. 

Reading material

Being away from home can sometimes make it difficult for people to get to sleep, so a few different magazines, a newspaper or a small selection of books can come in handy. You should always provide your guests with reading material even if they bring their own. 

A simple chair

This might seem a little odd but a chair in a guest bedroom is always a great accessory. It gives the visitor somewhere to store personal belongings or sit down on if they don’t want to lie in bed. It also adds some style to the corner space of your room. 

Warmth and comfort

Make sure you have plenty of pillows and spare blankets so that your guests are kept warm and comfortable throughout their stay with you. This also helps the room feel a lot more inviting and cosy. 

These ten simple steps will please your guests, making them feel comfortable and welcomed, and will do wonders for your reputation as a host. Now the revamp is complete, sit back and spend some quality time with your guests.

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