Five Considerations before Landscaping Your Home

Five Considerations before Landscaping Your Home

The kerb appeal of your house is important for grabbing people’s attention if you’re trying to sell it. Along with increasing the value of your home, landscaping the lawn or garden can allow homeowners to get more enjoyment from their property. Here are some things you should consider before selecting a landscape design.

Conditions of the Lawn

Whether your lawn or garden area gets lots of sun or very little is important in selecting the type of plants for it. If it gets lots of sun, then you will need plants that can tolerate high levels of light and heat. If the area is mostly shaded, then you will need to select plants that can thrive in the shade.

Plans for the Area

Consider how you want to use the area before selecting a design for your garden or lawn. If you are planning to put in a patio and use it as an entertainment area, then you may want decorative plants, bushes, and shrubs to create an appealing garden area.  

Adding a pond to the garden can provide a nice place for enjoying some peace and quiet. Select plants that enjoy the moisture for areas immediately around the pond. Also, consider planting flowers and plants that grow tall to create a natural barrier from the rest of the house to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Who Will Use the Lawn?

If you have pets and children, then you should plant grass and hardy plants that can take the occasional ball in their bed or being accidently run over by a dog. Also, you will want to fence off the lawn to provide privacy and to keep your pets and children’s toys within the confines of your yard. Companies that provide landscape options, like Huws Gray can design with your family in mind.

Do You Want a Maintenance-free Lawn?

You should consider whether you want a lawn that is virtually maintenance free if you don’t want to be responsible for mowing, trimming, edging, or watering it. While you can hire a lawn maintenance company to take care of it for you, there are landscape options that will reduce the level of maintenance a lawn needs. For instance, you can add features that will reduce the amount of grass on your property.

Choose a Style to Complement Your Home

It is important that the landscaping complements your home instead of working against it. For instance, if you have a Victorian style house, you probably shouldn’t select an Asian style garden. Instead, a traditional English garden that complements the architecture of your house may be the best option.

A landscape designer can create a design that keeps these considerations in mind, as well as your desires.

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