Ceiling tiles in styrofoam add beauty to the home

Ceiling tiles in styrofoam add beauty to the home

Many people love to make their home very attractive and elegant by using different types of ceilings. Ceilings tiles add this creative as well as beauty to their home which they are looking for. There are many types of ceilings tiles which are used and many are popular. One among them is Ceiling tiles in styrofoam. 

Ceiling tiles in styrofoam add classy look to the home and act as an insulator

Ceiling tiles in styrofoam can be used for having a elegant home and can be used for covering the regular ceiling. These tiles are generally available in market in a wide rage. Anyone can select different designs and these tiles will make their house stylish. These Ceiling tiles in styrofoam are cheapest and have many benefits. These styrofoam ceiling tiles when used for ceiling act as a good insulator and protect the room from heat and keeps the room cool during summer and warm during winter. This will help one to reduce their electricity bills. These tiles can be installed quickly and can be removed quickly. As these tiles are really sleek, they add a layer of beauty to the room, adding more value to the house this will surely attract the guests. The best thing about these ceiling tiles is that they do not take much time to install. It takes few hours and any one can install them. 

Installation and materials needed

These Ceiling tiles in styrofoam are easy to install and can be installed by anyone with easy. All they need to install these tiles is a knife, adhesive, gloves, sponge, tape and a pencil. These tiles can be installed on any ceiling which are covered with plaster or concrete or on the finished ceilings which are finished. The main thing is that the ceiling must be dry, even and must be free from dust. These tiles must not be placed on ceiling which is unstable. Preparing the surface is important before placing these ceiling tiles. The surface must be clean from dust, wax and any other substance. If there are any cracks on these, they must be filled before installing the tiles.  Planning is needed, before installing the tiles. With proper planning, and extra time, one can have attractive ceiling. One needs to start with the centre of the room while laying the tiles. This will provide best layout for the room. If any ceiling fan is in the room that can be used as centre and then tiles can be placed. If not, spot the centre and then start placing the tiles. Apply adhesive at the back of tiles about one inch thick. Then spread the tile adhesive properly so that it sticks properly to the ceiling. Care must be taken that the adhesive is placed properly in the edges too. Using a chalk mark the centre and then start placing the tiles; but, make sure to check the lines properly. After tiles are placed properly, check how they are laid and press them once to ensure that they are properly stuck to the ceiling.

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